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D-Sports offers professional consulting services to Russian and foreign sportsmen including: football clubs, players, sports federations, Olympic committee, sports managers and coaches, successfully operating since 2005. We collaborate with different sportsmen, sports organizations, and football players of the Russian Premier League, FNL, Second Division and footballers of CIS championships. Our aim is to find the right decisions for our clients, advise sportsmen on transfer activities, provide marketing solutions and all other services in that scope. We also offer law and linguistic services.



Agency business is based on trust between agents and clients, unfortunately not everybody is following those principles. Our primary intention is to build a trust-based relationship between agents and our clients. The career of a professional sportsman, athlete or football player is rather short and it would be a shame to waste time and talent, simply because of the wrong partner. We cannot guarantee that all our clients will reach world-class level, but you can be sure that we will do our utmost and even beyond that.


Our opinion of professionalism is not an empty phrase. It is built on our knowledge gained over the years, the experience we made, the qualities and standards we defined over the time and of course the love for our work. All our representatives show those qualities, whether they are lawyers, agents or scouts. These standards helped us to achieve the best results and expand steadily our activities.

The client's success - is our success

It is not our aim to make money out of our clients. It is not our ideology to arrange sports event, marketing or image rights transfer footballers from one team to another just to fill our own pockets. The most important thing is our client’s career and their success is the best result we can achieve. We are sincerely happy when our sportsmen are part of a great sport event, squad and take part in different Worldwide sports competitions or play football in a competitive championship.

Tolstikov Alexander

Head of D-Sports Agency

Phone:  +7 495 632 74 60

E-mail: tolstikov@d-sports.ru

Renita Sergiu

Official representative of  D-Sports Agency in Portugal

Phone: +351 964 673 511

E-mail: renita@d-sports.ru

Nikolaev Anatoliy

Scout of  D-Sports Agency

Phone: +7 967 285 39 14

E-mail: nikolaev@d-sports.ru

Nikitin Valeriy

Scout of  D-Sports Agency

Phone: +7 964 721 17 69 

E-mail: nikitin@d-sports.ru

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