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In the modern world of football there are many variables, which will determine the career of our client. Each client is an individual, with its own background, philosophy and aims for the future. There can be different reasons why a football player seeks to find a new team: professional development, game practise, higher salary, disagreement with administration and coaching staff or simply the wish to change the environment. The question is how to determine the best option and sign the most advantageous contract, without any wiles, which are made by clubs. We will be happy to help and solve all these problems. We help our clients to find a team, which will fit their game style, physical and technical skills, to satisfy their wishes and needs. Furthermore we guarantee transparent and clean contracts with all parties involved.


It is more difficult to find a team for a coach than for a player. A great number of coaches who have a "pro" category are out-of-work. We cannot guarantee that we will be able to help immediately but we will do our best. We are in permanent contact with Russian and foreign football clubs, which gives us the understanding and knowledge of their requirements. As soon as a club has a free position, we are the first one to know.



Most football clubs have their own scouting department, nevertheless licensed agents are often asked to help them. D-Sports collaborates with football teams, searching players for them. We use professional scouting schemes, to find players for certain positions. The process of scouting is happening in close collaboration with administration and coaching staff of a club. We also hold conversations about transfers with players, who were pointed out by clubs or do not answer the club's interests by any given reasons. We engage in close conversations and provide legal recommendation to develop the career of a player.



While doing analysis in the sphere of the transfer market D-Sports studies and analyses information about football players, their abilities, contract durations and transfer value. Those results are useful for clubs in their scouting activities.



The image rights of the football player include such rights, as a right to use a name, images, an image, the personal signature, etc. As a rule, clubs take away such rights to themselves, using them at the conclusion of sponsor's contracts, thus the football player receives nothing from such use.We help our clients to dispose independently of the image rights, gaining additional income to a salary.


Search of sponsors and advertisers, conclusion of contracts with sponsors and advertisers

World stars of soccer earn fabulous money on shootings in advertizing of sponsors. The football player can and has to earn on the popularity.We help our clients to find advertisers and to sign the successful sponsor's contract, carrying out full maintenance of this process.


Relationship from mass media

The image which develops about the athlete and the coach in mass media is very important for his professional career. The press is capable both to dismiss any coach and to praise him to high heaven. His salary and size of sponsor's contracts often depends on "promotion" of the football player. We realize an important role of mass media in career of our clients in this connection we carry out close interaction with the popular Internet portals, newspapers, magazines, radio stations and TV channels of sports orientation.


Development of strategy for development of club

Strategic consultation includes development and implementation of the concept for development of professional football club also like:

- development of infrastructure of club;

- development of children's and youthful football in club;

- transfer and scouting activity of club;

- commercial activity of club;

- club relationship with mass media;

- club interaction with fans, etc.


 Linguistic services

Interpretation and translation. Football has no borders and language barriers often disturb career development. In this regard we offer our clients the qualified linguistic services (English, Spanish, Portugese, Chinese, Italian)

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